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And We’re Off! Till ~2024

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Starting today, we’re off on a near decade long venture. One I’d guestimate will run until 2024. Who knows what the world will look like then. Who knows how much progress we’ll make towards our purpose and vision. What I do know is 1) it will be purposeful; 2) a fantastic community will be built; 3) community members stand to benefit across multiple dimensions (from monetary to “social good”); 4) others, potentially many millions, stand to benefit from the community.

The start of the adventure begins with this humble blog post and the inaugural event this fall. Since childhood my interests have been two-pronged. On one side the “telephone” (engineering and futurology) and on the other side existentialism (contemplative psychology/science). But as the two were disparate, my life until very recently felt uncomfortably “schizophrenic”. For example the people I conversed...

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