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Hyper Wellbeing Summit Theme Outlined in 8 Bullet Points, 2 Diagrams & 4 Quotes

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The summit theme will be “How the Future of Mobile, Wearables & Machine Intelligence is Engineering Health, Happiness & Optimal Living”. It’s quite a loaded theme, the result of years of research, particularly during the past twelve months. I was recently forced to summarize it in an email; I quickly typed up 8 bullet points, attached 2 diagrams and 4 quotes. This has proved very popular in private exchanges and so I thought I'd make it public.

8 Bullet Points Computing is coming closer to and integrating with, the human being (the “third computing revolution”) – we are on a path towards human-computer symbiosis. Technology innovation the past two decades has had negligible impact on wellbeing. The third computing revolution is a historic opportunity to do good, namely positively impact wellbeing. It could be leveraged to: Prevent...

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